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Releasing his grounds of decision dated Wednesday (Dec 27), Mr Thorley said: “The doctrine of unilateral mistake is well developed in circumstances where the error is a human error and the knowledge or lack of it is directly ascertainable from the humans involved.Where computers are concerned, the law is less well developed.” He added: “When can the workings of a computer or computer programme constitute actual knowledge on the part of the programmer or operator of the computer?“Human error caused the correct passwords and cryptographic keys not to be keyed into the (software programme used by Quoine), which caused the (Quoine) platform to perform abnormally,” he said.Copyright 2017 Media Corp Pte Ltd | All Rights Reserved Expose rookie lawyers to more proper legal work rather than treat them as “merely as sources of labour”, and be more nurturing and patient when communicating with them, senior members of the Bar have been urged.“These (concerns) are usually accompanied by comments about supervisors being tetchy or quick-tempered when under pressure themselves,” the task force found.It recommended that while it is inevitable that personal schedules sometimes have to make way for demands of the work, supervising lawyers should not take rookies’ availability for granted.B2C2 is alleging that this reversal, which denied them the “fruits of the previous day’s highly advantageous transactions”, was in breach of their commercial agreement with Quoine and in breach of trust.Quoine maintains that it was entitled to carry out the reversal because the trades were “mostly trades with huge mark-up over fair global market price” — one ethereum could only be exchanged for about 0.03929075 bitcoin on average on April 19.

The proceeds were valued at about US.78 million on April 19, when the transactions were made.Alternative platforms, such as ombudsmen, can also be considered to take into account concerns that young lawyers may not feel comfortable disclosing to their direct supervisors.In response to queries, a Law Soc spokesperson said the welfare of young lawyers and trainees “is a top priority” as “they are the future of the profession, and an important resource that we must invest in”.The call came from the Young Lawyers’ Task Force commissioned by the fraternity’s professional body in 2016 to suggest ways to address problems young lawyers face — a group with high attrition rate.Led by lawyers Paul Tan and Yeo Chuan Tat, the task force, through focus groups with those who have been practising for less than three years, found that fledgling lawyers feel they are just “thrown from task to task”, get inadequate guidance, and have to manage “unreasonable” demands from their bosses.

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