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Rob Weiss and the staff at Sexual Recovery Institute (SRI) give thoughtful, succinct consideration to the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon. Briefly, the series is about the relationship between a innocent recent college grad, Anastasia Steele, and billionaire playboy, Christian Grey.

Original Post Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve likely heard about the new adult fiction trilogy that’s currently sweeping the nation, called “Fifty Shades” by E. When Anastasia meets Christian she is a sheltered virgin.

It has been very gradually that the “deadly sins” have been recast as very human psychological afflictions.

Because I believe sex addiction deniers are genuinely reacting to some unconscious fear, I think professionals cannot dismiss them but rather need to understand them.

) defending behavior around which they have some unacknowledged shame.

“Abnormal” (including sex addiction) includes behavior that is not practiced by the majority of members but that also causes some sort of mental, physical or social problem.) Both of these arguments have the net effect of saying that we shouldn’t “Deniers” have always existed in relation to almost every unwelcome phenomenon that has emerged throughout history.Sometimes they have taken a socially acceptable position which conforms to religious or other dogma and have acted accordingly, as in burning heretics or imprisoning the mentally ill.However, at least for Christian, it was always about pleasure. James offering a glimpse into the life of someone suffering from a mental disorder, such as sex addiction, or is she, instead, teaching us that sex outside the missionary position can still be considered “normal”?As the tale progresses and Anastasia becomes tormented between her love for Christian and her reluctance to adapt completely to his sexual proclivities, we watch Christian learn how to compromise his need for truly kinky sex in order to get his girl. Let’s face it, if Sookie and Harry were real people and you ran into them on the street, you would likely give them both a wide berth.

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