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Spicer told Politico Conway was mocking reporters, not Priebus or other White House colleagues.Trump's White House has routinely raged against leakers, with the president himself calling for investigations into how information was getting out.On CNN, Conway reiterated Don Jr's claims that the information that was offered was a cover for a conversation about a Russian adoption program that was halted years ago amid a dispute with the US over the Magnitsky Act.'They get into the meeting and it quickly turns into a pretext for Russian adoption, according to his statements, that the comments this woman is making about any type of information on Hillary Clinton were vague. Cuomo told her that her last statement was 'beside the point.' There are 'huge legal and ethical implications,' he said, to the meeting that Don Jr.had with the Russian lawyer who wanted to lobby the Republican presidential candidate's campaign on lifting the US law that inspired Putin to halt Russian adoptions.No details or supporting information was provided or even offered.It quickly became clear that she had no meaningful information.'Having read the Trump son's statement aloud, Cuomo told Conway, 'You talked about being in a court of law, not good when you change your story.' President Trump tweeted that James Comey 'leaked CLASSIFIED INFORMATION to the media ' this morning as his son came under fire for meeting with the Russian lawyer.But she was not in charge of the campaign at the time of the meeting with Veselnitskaya. He was soon shoved out as he became embroiled in an international scandal involving a former Ukrainian client. The president's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, also attended the meeting, at Don Jr's invitation, the New York Times reported and Kushner confirmed.Kushner is now a senior advisor at the White House. The meeting itself was very brief.'Conway said on CNN, 'There was no information given. There was no follow-up.'And let me respectfully say, as well as I can, I don't think anybody had to look very far to find damaging information on Hillary Clinton and negative information,' she argued.

She said the meeting is not evidence of collusion with the Russians to bring down Clinton. for his conduct, claiming in the course of the interview that the Trump son has a credibility problem because he gave two differing versions of his story to the New York Times for its articles on the June 2016 meeting.

Along with knocking @Reince45, she also made jokes about the ineffectiveness of his RNC world,' a tweet read.'At one point @Kellyanne Polls said "Honestly, what the f*** does Marc Short do all day?

"'The accounts final tweet read: 'I should mention that @Kellyanne Polls was probably talking OTR to (Robert Costa), @danbalz and @Philip Rucker -- but loudly, at a DC party.'The conversations alleged in the tweets cannot be verified by Daily, however the account posted pictures from the party - a UK election night bash at the British embassy.

But the fact is that report is a bombshell people should know about…'Cuomo pointed out again that the report is based on 'unnamed sources.''You just want to interrupt me today,' Conway said, summing up the interaction with her 'friend.'She said on Twitter after it was all over: 'To me pal @Chris Cuomo: Here's how you and I are different: you want to talk about Russia; I want to talk about America.'President Donald Trump had also marveled at the report that said his fired FBI Director James Comey's memos contained classified information, a revelation that could get the ex-government official in trouble for giving them to his friend to pass on to the press.'James Comey leaked CLASSIFIED INFORMATION to the media. ' Trump wrote Monday morning, shortly after retweeting a Fox News story that reported the allegation.

It was the Hill newspaper, on Sunday night, that first broke the news that most of the memos written by the former FBI chief contained classified information, a welcome distraction for the president and his advisers as Don Jr. Comey could now be probed by congressional investigators to determine whether he mishandled classified information.

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