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8.5 out of 10 I will see anything that Bonnie Hunt puts out with her in the director's chair.

The grieving husband and his dog are still trying to adjust to life without his wife.

it sun wall facelift; this year w ng of the new TOC.

awhile we must contend with a Known through as the Red White-and om. Collegian has entered the porate bureauciacy and If on the Wall S' the Bottc ,-i US So stop in, check us out. PACIFIC OCEAhi ^(jni Uf H ^uupe ' Tou^wi Af Ryi ^r LDG \ chamce nmw l!

His friends keep trying to pry him from his "work is my life" existence by setting him up on blinds dates.

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And heading the diametric scale of clashing cultures is Carol O'Connor and Robert Loggia.

would like to be in a position where I make direct impact, where I am doing something I feel makes a difference.' Gage 0. Following a semester's leave he plans to return to campus and resume his previous duties as a full-time teacher in the Department of Public Health.

According to Gage, controversy over student funds and the management of the Campus Center did not prompt his decision to leave.

"But," he said, "the turmoil did not help any." The Chancellor's office announced that Associate Provost Robert Woodbury has accepted the ap- pointment of acting Vice Chancellor until a permanent replacement for Gage is found.

A committee will be established to search for a replacement in the coming Fall semester.

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