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But Jess' date stands her up, so the guys instead join her at a fancy restaurant, and launch into a horrific rendition of "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing to cheer her up.

Weeks after the break-up, Coach has moved out and Winston, Nick's lifelong best friend, has just moved back in.

He's too cheap to spend his own money, so he uses Jess' things, as if they're his, even after they break up, but Jess is naively attracted to what she says is his beautiful hair.

Cece agrees with him, and Nick forces Jess to punch a pillow that acts as Spencer's face.She spends a week sobbing on the couch, watching Dirty Dancing six or seven times a day, both missing and hating her ex.Hoping to get her off the couch, Schmidt offers to help Jess find a rebound to help get over Spencer.Immediately, Jess knows what's going on, and she's seriously stunned - her boyfriend of six years has been cheating on her.She moves out immediately and eventually ends up moving into the loft with Nick, Schmidt, and Coach, after a short stay with her best friend Cece.

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