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Many men prefer using female condoms for this reason.Using female condoms can make sex more pleasurable for men and women.Though they may seem daunting at first, female condoms are easy to use with a bit of practice. Using a female condom at the same time as a male condom can cause friction and the condoms will be more likely to split.If you’re using the female condom for anal sex, you can either insert it into the anus, or you can put it onto your partner’s penis in order to insert it into the anus gradually.If you’ve never used a female condom it’s good to understand – and even better to try – all your options. A female condom is a thin pouch which is put inside the vagina to prevent unplanned pregnancy and STIs including HIV.It can also be put inside the anus to protect from HIV and other STIs.This means no interruptions once you decide to get down to it.

Instead of going on the penis, they go inside the vagina to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV and pregnancy.This is hypoallergenic, meaning female condoms won’t irritate sensitive genital skin.In addition, whereas male condoms can’t be used with oil-based lubricants because these may cause the latex to break, female condoms can be used with any type of lubricant – whether oil, water or silicone!This means that you can breathe easy and relax after sex, and just enjoy the moment together.Some women may feel uncomfortable with the idea of inserting a female condom into their vagina.

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