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He will be fondly remembered and greatly missed by all in the spokespersons' service and in the wider Brussels community.' Fawas Lafeer, owner of Safa Surf School, near the scene, said: 'He was learning to surf and after that he wanted to go to the toilet.'He went in the jungle, about 800 meters.The daily highlight is the walk from the Orphanage to take the herd down to the river so that they can bathe.

He was described by Katie Martin, head of fast FT, as 'a warm, funny person and a talented young journalist with a curious mind,' and 'a joy to be around, truly, with an impish sense of humour'.'The crocodiles take the bodies along river and hide them in the mud, so I don't think he will be found until the day after tomorrow.'This is the first time anything like this has happened, Elephant Rock is always safe to surf.'Another British tourist, who did not wish to give his name, said: 'A British tourist was at a surf spot called Elephant Rock.'There's a lagoon right next to the sea.

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Suitable for gap years or those taking a year out, grown-up gappers, career breakers, anyone interested in caring for animals and working with wildlife overseas.

It's amazing to watch an entire herd splashing around and rolling in the river, just a few feet in front of you!

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