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But occasionally he has a phone call, and when he does he likes to bellow into the phone and walk in circles, so that I hear the rising and falling of his voice as he makes his circuit.

I’ve very sweetly said to him, “If you don’t lower your voice and stay put, I’m going to take your phone and throw it out the window.” Give me your address; I can come over to your place and say it to your husband, or better yet just toss the phone out the window.

My husband is not technically allowed to work from home, but does so when I am home with the blessing of his boss. We are not able to work in separate areas because we live in a small condo, and he works in cold calling sales, so I am not able to get the quiet I need.

When I leave the condo to work elsewhere, he comes with me!

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Folgers for their favorite finalists jingle to be chosen as the ,000 grand prize winner.

A: I work at home, and occasionally my husband does, too.

Usually we’re on different floors, typing away like quiet little mice.

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She drives the kids to preschool, cooks occasional dinners, cleans the house, etc.

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The app, called 'Yellow' is marketed as 'an easy and free way to make new chat friends' but online safety experts are concerned adult predators could use the app to groom minors for sex, reported the Adelaide Advertiser.

Help him see he’s driving you around the bend by saying something to the effect of despite how much you love him, you’ll have to hit his phone with a hammer because you can’t work when someone is cold-calling people 5 feet away from you.

Tell him that if he doesn’t stop working at home, you’re going to, because you need a room of your own to be able to think in peace. Kitchen Clean-Up Time Limit: What is the maximum time between when one prepares food and when one cleans up?

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