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It's been taken over by the large studios it initially popped up in resistance to and they're back to feeding us the same stuff over and over again.We know we aren't the only people tired of seeing some worn out 30 year old posing as a teen in far too many videos, and that's why we created Teen

While we can't deny at all that they were truly a revolutionary development, they've become played out at this point.

Make sure you give me a suggestion at my WIP topic dark PE Make sure you click on that 1 button if I help you! Modscripts are supposed to be about adventure and survival additions not sexy girls or girlfriends or anything like that.

I think we should ask admins to ban people for posting things like this!

The only money that will ever change hands here on Teen is completely voluntarily - that is, you sending it in the form of a tip to one of our many beautiful teenage girls getting freaky on sex cam.

You don't even need to do anything to start viewing and enjoying our cams!

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