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Men with noticeable bellies and higher BMIs last 7.3 minutes longer in bed than slimmer men, a 2010 study from the International Journal of Impotence Research found.

And that’s 7.3 minutes you don’t have to spend in the gym.

Thirty-eight percent reported that overweight or plus-size men were superior lovers.

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However, I also deal with so many ignorant men who make a huge deal about my height, probably to bury their own insecurity or intimidation.This, of course, on top of the literal comfort of cuddling with your cozy dad bod.After getting a match, the unidentified US woman from Wisconsin began messaging another singleton. ” before she agreed: “They are tha worst.” The conversation seemed to be going well as the pair chatted about where they were from and what they did for a living.And it was then that her match turned on her, commenting: “I try to stay away from cold North American places because the girls tend to be fatter.” Clearly taking this comment to heart, the furious woman responded: “F*** you”, before threatening to block him. Fat people can lose weight.” Screenshots of the awkward exchange were posted onto Imgur yesterday, have been viewed over 7,000 times and racked up hundreds of comments.With his objective achieved, the dater said: “Well, you don’t like short people. Many self-confessed “short guys” thanked the man for taking action against the rude singleton. One said: “When it comes to her not dating short people, it’s the short people who come out with the better deal.” Another added: “And I bet she asks herself every day why she’s alone! One commenter remarked: “I might be the only one to think it's fine to have preference and if you don't like short people what's the problem.” Another agreed: “I don't really understand why having a preference is a big deal.

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