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Benedict’s passion for music is a constant but can beauty and violence and love ever be reconciled? The harpist and his accomplice would have been Italians, from Clerkenwell, who had something of a stranglehold on street music, as well as acrobatics, ice-cream, hot potatoes and roasted chestnuts., the finale.

The background to Gloucester cathedral where my fictional character, Benedict, is an organ scholar.

Above all, he is obsessed with bicycles and, in particular, the Tour de France, yet despite every effort, his attempts to acquire his own machine are always frustrated. JEAN-BAPTISTE MALLET is French, fifteen years old, and a would-be runaway.

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’ Benedict said, as they walked slowly along Welbeck Street, and wondered if he wished it might.

This is a novel about bicycles and coffin-making, the heyday of the great London department stores, and a hospital run entirely by women.

It explores French river navigation, church organs, pigeons, international politics and early film, and finds philandering, friendship, deception, duty, and the terrifyingly random operation of fate.

Meanwhile the sad, chaotic anniversary which forms the climax of my current novel approaches fast .

The novel is a story of fate, war, destiny, love, loss and the triumph of hope.

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