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Wait for the screen to go black, then hold down the side button to boot the phone up again.If Face ID does not work after a hard restart, contact Apple Support. I want to trigger a workflow only when a value is updated in a list item, but not everytime the item is changed.For example I have a column for approve/not approve and I want that to be the trigger not the other values in the item.I just recently updated my shop to ver to see if this would fix the problem but it has done nothing.I have even tried to clear the cache manually before by emptying the following folders /tools/smarty/compile /tools/smarty/cache /tools/smarty_v2/compile /tools/smarty_v2/cache Since I have upgraded these folders no longer exist I only have a smarty folder but it does not have compile or cache.Re-running the summarization and refreshing has not worked over a period of hours.

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I was around since early beta and for whatever reason the launcher/updater wasn't updating while the game had been.

This is a very frustrating problem as I need to see the changes to help me learn what I am doing.

Hello, I am trying to update smite but I always get stuck.

In most cases, simply turning off the i Phone X and turning it back on again will make Face ID activate successfully.

It is reassuring that this is not a persistent issue.

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