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As his machine worked him over, his sphincter was contracting and releasing the butt plug electrode sensuously, his cock was so stiff, and his gasps of ecstasy were getting more intense. His mushroom head was fully distended, skin so taught and shiny, stretched to the fullest.My cock was responding to all this with renewed pleasure, I eased the power up a bit and felt the most intense rush of feeling on my cock head, all around the corona, turning the stroke control up just a bit more, I found that sweet spot where my brain was telling me 'her' lips were clasped around my aching rod, and I adjusted the other intensity dial just a hair, but which made me feel the 'sliding' sensation even more! Her legs convulsing, the cords of her thigh prominently displayed as she spread her legs to an almost impossible degree.I wasn't the only one watching porn as well, I imagine.Sure enough, one of the guys turned his cam slightly, but instead of porn, I saw a woman, obviously watching all of us on another monitor, naked and spread, in the room with him, and fucking herself furiously as she watched the screen on front of her, panting as she got off to US!Her moans increased, and she was rocking her hips in a very sexy movement, instinctive, involuntary, and giving herself over to her pleasures, as we all on Skype were doing.Back on the Skype screen the third guy had shifted a bit in his seat and I could see he had an anal electrode also connected to his machine, a rubber electrode around the bass of his aching dick and another like all of us on the head of his hard, straining pole.He had a metal ring electrode around the head of his straining dick, a rubber one on his mid shaft and one wrapped around under his balls and lower shaft.

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The long-haired brunette watched her, stretching her long smooth legs out in front of her, then opening them to show her friend her wet, glistening cunt.I can tell you that estim, porn and/or phone sex can be amazing.The joys of stimming of course, I have documented several times in great detail, but it never gets old.Having become someone who has submitted several stories to LITEROTICA, I was recently looking over my so-called collection.I see that I have submitted quite a few pieces about ESTIM.

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