Special waiting dating friends reunited

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C and I would hang out at my house with my family, playing games with my brothers and their friends in the interim.

Senior year of high school rolled around and we decided — basically on a whim — to go to the same college.

Oh well, we'll just have to keep that in our dreams.

I have definitely had my fair share of romantic breakups — but I’ve learned that the hardest breakups are the friend breakups.

C started dating one of my co-workers, and knowing him, I thought it was a bad idea for her — but I handled it as immaturely as I possibly could have.

Not only was I speaking from inexperience, but a lot of my reaction stemmed from my know-it-all attitude.

She knew all of my cool older work friends, and we developed respective crushes on some of them.

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I angrily moved out of our dorm and we stopped talking. It made me feel better that I knew I could say hey from time to time.It was nice, but I couldn’t imagine things between us ever being the same.We decided that Mo is probably going to be an astronaut, a city councilwoman, or a backup singer.I had started working at a local movie theater, and though I wouldn’t get my license until we were in college, we were so lucky C’s parents were cool enough to let her come hang with me in my big city 20 minutes south of hers.She would meet me at the theater and we would watch movies for free.

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