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The 'Streetsiders' were in a minority and were outvoted.

This made them resort to other methods and so, one night, a party of sawed down the Maypole and carried it away, placing it in the yard behind the Wagon and Horses. Shortly after taking the Maypole, and it is believed, with the motive of adding insult to injury, the 'Streetsiders' made another nocturnal expedition with the object of digging out and taking away the stump of the pole that they had previously sawed down.

The Committee partook of a substantial knife and fork tea at Mr. Cooper's 'The Old Shoulder of Mutton Inn' made another attempt to saw down the Maypole. However, when the pole was partially sawn through, the intruders were disturbed and had to run.

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A problem dealt with by the Committee led to a dispute between the Gawthorpe and Streetside elements in the Committee.Above: Erecting the Maypole in 1953 the hard way, using ropes and muscle power.This Maypole lasted until 1986 when it was found to be rotten and had to be replaced for safety reasons.When, precisely, a permanent Maypole was first erected in Gawthorpe is not easy to say. Pollard, suggested and bought, the first recorded permanent Maypole for the village.There was certainly one standing in the present site in 1840. Previously, each year, a birch tree from local woods had been cut down and used as a Maypole.

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