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The Taungthu are found in a section of country running northward from Thaton into the Shan States beyond Taunggyi.

PROPITIATORY SACRIFICES AND HEALING OFFERINGS XXIV. However, I think that some of the Pwo villages in the Henzada district may be a little farther inland than that.

The reader may notice that I have used the term "Karen," instead of the more usual plural form "Karens," when referring to the tribal name. However, the Karen name of the river means not only "flowing sand," but also a "river of water flowing with sand."[2-3] The reference to the Gobi Desert seems rather far-fetched and has, therefore, been abandoned by scholars, Dr. Vinton's version of the story, from which he quotes.[2-4] This reference is not found in other versions of the story and was probably not a part of it in its earliest form.

This is more accurate, for to add the "s" is as misleading in this case as in that of the Lao, who are often mistakenly spoken of as the "Laos." In the transliteration of Karen words I have followed the continental system of spelling, adopting "x" for the guttural which is pronounced like the "ch" in the Scotch "loch," and the dipthong "eu" for the sound which closely resembles the common pronunciation of "er" as in "her." I have accepted the simplified spelling for the tribal names, Pwo and Bwe, in place of the more cumbersome "Pgho" and "Bghai." It is not without some misgivings that I allow these sheets to go to the publisher. It seems reasonable, therefore, to look further for the sandy river. Laufer[2-5] asserts that the early home of the peoples of eastern Asia was in the upper reaches of the Hoang-ho or Yellow River, of China, and that from this center the Tibetans migrated westward; the early tribes of Indo-China, southward; and the Chinese, southeastward.

I wish to acknowledge the assistance which I have had from my wife, whose sympathetic interest and accurate knowledge have been of untold value, and also the help I have received from my missionary colleagues, among whom I should mention my father-in-law, Rev. The name "Karen" is an imperfect transliteration of the Burmese word "Kayin," the derivation of which has puzzled students of that language. The tendency of the present time is to consider these tribes more closely related than was formerly the case. Nine of these tribes were enumerated in the last Government census. This was an increase of 199,334 over the previous count in 1901, due in part to the increased extent of the territory covered. The returns in 1911 showed a population of 1,102,695.

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