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I slide over and she laid on her back, lifting her knees to her chest, she then took of her thong, I then slowly moved myself above her lowering my waist between her legs.She raised her legs and with my cock in hand, guided it back into her hungry cunt.She then moved her ass straight back against my raging hard on and lifted her leg, moving her thong to the side like an invitation to fuck her.That was it for me, I moved myself a bit lower on the bed to position myself behind her and guided my cock to her pussy from behind..sudden touch against each other was intense and made us both moan, as I rubbed against her clit I was amazed at just how wet she was, no, wet wasn’t the word, she was soaked, flooded..head of my cock slid effortlessly over her clit searching and exploring it..was it..was the moment I had always fantasised about for so long, I was about to fuck my sister-in-law and it was going to be right in front of my wife.I held her leg high up and continued my slow build-up of motion in her.The feeling was so intense, the whole situation was extremely intense and all I wanted to do was fuck her so hard and loud, but the slow cautious movements was agony as it was, we both sighed louder and louder with every thrust, her pussy was so soaked but tight, I could feel her contracting on my cock as we built up speed, I leaned to her back and began licking and kissing her, this made her stir more and got me equally as excited.

My heart was beating fast, my cock was only a couple of inches away from her ass, if she moved back, she would know for sure that I had a hard on.

The touch and thought of being able to do things to her whilst both were asleep got me very hard and I sunk my hand in my trousers and began to stroke myself.

Our window was open and it began to rain, the sound was very relaxing and helped mask any sounds of pleasuring myself I may have made.

I was starting to stir a bit being nervous and then she did the one thing I was fearing and moved her ass back into me... She moved her rear a bit I presume not knowing what she was feeling at first, then stopped..heart pumping like mad now, then she again began moving her ass slowly on my cock.

I couldn’t tell if she was asleep, half awake and enjoying the closeness or awake and giving her brother-in-law the cock tease of his life.

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