Template for validating an assessment tool

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This process should be viewed as an opportunity to have professional discussions about the continuous improvement of an RTO’s assessment processes, and not used as a finger pointing or brow beating exercise.Recommendations for improvements should be clearly articulated, and all trainers and assessors should be encouraged to be active participants in how these improvements will be implemented.Allison Miller is a regular contributor to e Works’ blog.Passionate about providing learners with the knowledge and skills that they need in order to succeed in the world of work, today Allison discusses the role of validating online assessment in ensuring the ongoing quality of the Australian VET sector.The LMS Grade Book/Centre allows students to upload their assessments into one location.This provides an easy and cost-effective way to store and retrieve students’ assessment evidence and grading decisions ready for stage two of the assessment validation process.

When it comes to planning some training, we always begin by working out what the purpose and context of the learning is.

I don’t know much about agriculture, but I do know about learning and assessment.

My work with them is mostly about finding ways to link what they do with what schools need, so that schools can access their resources.

Common reasons include: Not surprisingly, the people we involve in this process are the same people who we involve in the planning & review processes. We also need to understand the context in which we are going to validate.

This is important because how we go about the process will be different depending on the context.

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