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As each generation has been deprived and depleted of copper, the mutated genes/proteins have become weaker.

These mutations of the blood and other structures that have manifested over the generations, is used as supporting evidence for the fraudulent "Evolution Theory".

MP5 was also one of the Italian artists invited to the La Tour 13 project in Paris and her works have appeared in numerous international publications including Le Monde Diplomatique, Vogue, Wooster Collective, Juxtapoz. Jung underlines, Western Science is based on the concept of causality considered as axiomatic truth: everything has an explanation and a cause according to consolidated Natural Laws.

The solo exhibition Of Changes was an exploration of the concepts of randomness and chaos. This vision is however opposed to the Eastern philosophy, that conceives the whole as an accumulation of the single components, and where randomness and exceptions are taken in consideration.

According to numerous references and texts dating a few years back and earlier, the p H range for blood in the US was 7.35 7.45, with an average p H of 7.40.

Assuming Type B is acidic and Type AB is at or near 7.0, this range apparently included type As and Os, which comprised 86% of the US population.

In truth, there is only one blood type among humans, and that is type AB.

Anything else is a mutation due to copper deficiency.

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Then, in 1940, the "Rhesus Factor" (D-Protein) was detected.

One of the pillars of Eastern thought is the I-Ching, also known as the Book of Changes, one of the oldest Chinese texts dating back to 2000 years B. Method of divination and basis of the philosophy of Chaos, the book is meant to represent all possible states of change in the cosmos and human life.

The Book of Changes represents for MP5 a starting point for a new interpretation of reality, that becomes in her artworks a reflection on the political crisis in the cultural and psychological spheres of the Western world.

, since humans are created solely with blood type AB, and the man-apes do not carry this blood type.

We were all created with type AB blood, with normal viscosity/balanced p H level with normal protein structures.

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