Thai dating chiang mai London sex chat rooms

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I’m assuming the same holds true for the men here, but since I’m a guy my focus will be on the women.

I recommend steering clear of expat spots, where you’ll find plenty of promiscuous types flogging themselves as virgins.

Would you go on a date in New York city wearing a sweaty tank top and sandals? Well, the same applies when you go dating in Chiang Mai.

I actually saw a well-dressed Thai lady sitting down for dinner with a guy who showed up looking like a surf bum.

Little did he know her friends were sitting at the table behind them and that they discreetly poked fun at him in Thai throughout the dinner. The same would happen in New York, in Miami, or in London.

Self-respect and appearance go a long way with Thai women. If you show up in shorts, explain why, and apologize.

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