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Susan has an epiphany and realizes that she wants to keep the baby herself. Doug tells Chia's tearful mother that it's only a matter of time before the boy dies but recommends a course of intrathecal (like a spinal tap but reversed) injections to prolong his life.

Later on, Mark explains (while Doug is not around) to Chia's mother that the injections, while they will prolong Chia's life, are more painful than the meningitis.

Peter injures his finger so Carter gets to do the surgery that Peter was scheduled for, and gets a lot of praise from Dr. Carol starts dating Shep, Mark is having an interesting time living with Doug in Doug's "House of Love", Carter and Harper kiss, and Doug's AIDS patient Chia-Chia is back and is nearly exposed to chicken pox.

#5 And Baby Makes Two The Hallorans can't adopt little Susie for three months, but they'd like to take little Susie to live with them before then anyway, seeing as Susan is having such a hard time finding child care for the baby.

Carter is assigned to do a relatively easy procedure on a patient but botches it.

Benton performs emergency surgery to save the man's liver, but the man has a heart attack on the table and dies anyway.

Shep blames himself for making Raul go into the burning building to rescue victims) #17 The Match Game (Chloe is back in town and Carter gets suspended for drinking while on call--he was celebrating receiving his "match", which is his qualification for internship) #18 A Shift In The Night (Mark gets called in to the E. and finds it extremely short staffed and overloaded with patients.

#3 Do One, Teach One, Kill One Susan continues to spend her days with baby Susie on one shoulder and Kerry Weaver looking over the other.

Susan asks Mark to get Kerry off her back, but when he tries to do so, Kerry turns the tables on Susan by complaining about her.

Shep has a huge blow-up with a stranger and Carol worries about this new anger problem.

Susan is forced by a judge to let Chloe visit Susie and Carter is allowed to work again) #20 Fevers of Unknown Origin (Peter is made Resident of the Year, Harper leaves Chicago for Dallas, Mark and Jenn meet to discuss their divorce and end up having a reunion..sorts. ") #21 Take These Broken Wings (Susan is in therapy because she lost custody of Susie, Shep is being investigated by the IAD for charges of abuse, Jeanie finds out she may have HIV) John Carter, M. (Carter becomes a "real" doctor, but misses his graduation to stay with a young girl who needs a liver transplant)""When ER was in its initial heyday, I watched from time to time, but I wasn't a big fan.

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