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It is important to stress that all these bonds are BEARER bonds, not Registered Bonds.

There is no official records that could verify the ownership history of bonds.

China bonds have an inherent historical appeal as some of the loans were related to very specific historical incidents or political situations which occurred in China.

Many China bonds are attractive documents which are aesthetically pleasing, larger and more ornate than most other foreign bonds coupled with quality printing makes them almost works of art.

It is fair to say that many of our favorite foreign bonds are the Chinese bonds dating from the late 19th Century to the 1940s.

By contrast, the bond certificates from internal loans were usually written in Chinese characters and it is difficult for a foreigner to translate and understand the text.Of course, there has also been much speculation in these bonds due to the hope or anticipation that China would someday pay these old debts.There is no question that prices have risen rather dramatically and excitement in this field has grown.We guarantee that our used items are in good, excellent or near-new condition.We have thousands of satisfied customers across the country, and are proud of our service, quality products, honesty, and integrity.

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