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He said he would have to bring his supervisor to look at the problem. I am dedicating this blog to telling the world about your lousy customer service.I'm going to email this link to all my friends and ask them to forward it to all their friends, and so on and so on and so on.

I KNEW La-Z-Boy had a lifetime warranty and I had been happy with my prior La-Z-Boy furniture, so I decided to buy two sofas, two end tables, one coffee table, one area run, and a painting. Late November 2004 - Of course the furniture had to be ordered.I called the store again and the salesperson told me to show this to the delivery man (who I must clarify, is from the local service department of La-Z-Boy).When he delivery the new cushion cover, I showed him my concerns. When you take my money and put it in your pocket you better stand behind your promises.He continued barking and flollowing me to the door.I turned and told him he would be hearing from my attorney. You know what they say about lawyers.......there's not enough sand.

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