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Of course, all males of all species would love to send signals of maximum awesomeness so they could attract all the females.They would all love to lie about having the highest possible mate value.Pretending to be something you aren't because you're trying to please a bunch of judgmental hypocrites and shitheads is not the way to be happy. It really is that simple.” ― Tucker Max, “ We go to Mc Donald's. IT'S THE GODDAMN MCDONALDS'S MENU, IT'S BEEN THE SAME FOR TEN YEARS! You are a disgusting, vile, repulsive, repugnant, foul creature. Max, with the hope of a six year old on the night before Christmas asking about Santa, I ask the same question: Do you really exist?The woman in front of me in line spends more than five seconds contemplating her order. ” ― Tucker Max, “The rules your parents teach you to live by are very different than the rules the world actually runs by.Fine, I go get out of my bar clothes and change into a t-shirt and pink Gap boxers to sleep in.I wait patiently for about three minutes, then I start pounding on the door, screaming at him that I am going to shit on his bed if he doesn't get out of there.Most of the conventional wisdom is not only wrong, it's a lie told to us by people who want to control us. Pretty much everything we're told as children (and adults, really) by the established power structures in our lives are made up fairytales us to reinforce that control: Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy, fat-free frozen dinners, religion, and metering lights on the highway--the list goes on” ― Tucker Max, “I hadn't realized how supremely shit-housed I was until we stumbled into our room at the Embassy Suites.You ever been so drunk you forgot that you have to shit until the last minute? I nearly had my pants completely off when Sling Blade snaked past me and got into the toilet first.

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It really is that simple.” ― Tucker Max, “No one has it all figured out, especially not the people who are acting like they do and judging you because of it. ” ― Tucker Max, “I find it truly appalling that there are people in the world like you. (Quoting feedback from a reader)” ― Tucker Max, “I never understand why women think drama and bullshit are attractive to guys. I’m going to be real clear about this, ladies, so pay attention: Prince Charming doesn't come to rescue cunty lunatics.” ― Tucker Max, “My favorite random email I got was from some guy who wrote: "Mr.I am effective.” Cold Email Application: Your prospects want to work with experts in the field.Are you an effective professional that can get the job done? “Here’s the problem with mating signals though: what keeps animals from lying about how great they are?Have you ever tried to talk to a woman, but you felt like after one glance she’d already made up her mind about you, even before you had a chance to talk to her? “Attraction is an emotional, unconscious reaction to the suite of traits men present to women; it is NOT a conscious decision that they deliberate about. Here are 3 main forms of effectiveness: Hollywood and romantic comedies and Hallmark greeting cards have convinced much of our culture that the six most romantic words a man can say to a woman are “I love you” and “I am sorry.” This is bull****.If you look at actual behavior and mate choice, the six most romantic words a man can say to a woman are “Don’t worry honey, I got this.” Which means, we face a real problem together as a couple, but I can totally handle it as a man.

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