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They are total rule breakers who love a little bit of chaos.

In relationships, type bs are often more self-centered, but they love to be adventurous and keep things exciting for their partner.

We've worked directly with the type dating team from the outset, first consulting with their Founder, before collaborating on the overall creative approach.

We've continued to nurture and develop the concept, helping type dating to grow into the business it is today.

Blood clots can originate from almost any part of the body.

People also like associating these character traits when determining compatibility rates with other people.

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A b positive woman needs to be positive and feels that way when her partner keeps her that way and an o positive or b positive man seems to have that touch.

This carelessness can make them seem inconsiderate sometimes towards their significant others even if it is unintentional. Unfortunately, their indecisive nature makes it very difficult for abs to commit in a relationship.

Our blood type personality studies are also recommended for those of you who are interested in learning more. Ab positive women: They are often drawn to jobs that let them express their creativity.

All you have to do is enter your blood types and you can retrieve your result. B negative women can be a tough match, because the emotional needs need to be met for both and misunderstandings can easily occur.

Some people are so fanatical that they won’t date anyone they’re incompatible with blood-wise. Bethany tyndall writes about beauty on her blog beauty junkie.

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