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The "Settings" tab displays the monitor and display adapter under "Display:".In this case, the display adapter is a Radeon 9700 Pro.If you have more than one display adapter installed in your computer, then each will appear in the "Display:" list.If your video card has multiple outputs, then they will also appear in this list.If you have an ATI or NVIDIA GPU in your laptop, then you can try the Omega drivers.

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In order to use the more advanced features like three dimensional graphics, a full display driver designed for that specific display adapter must be installed.The problem with those drivers is that they often are out of date.And the truth is that the laptop manufacturers usually don't actually customize the drivers.Then go to the top drop down box and select the slot which holds the display adapter. Then, if necessary, go to the next drop down box below and select your video card. The "Chipset" field provides the name of the motherboard chipset.The device information section will give you information about that video card. If you have integrated graphics, then you really need to find the motherboard chipset name. Note that this image shows a motherboard which does not have integrated video but these are the correct fields to check. Before installing your new display drivers, always remember to uninstall your previous display drivers. Most display drivers currently come in the form of "unified drivers".

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