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We provide an article, BEFORE YOU BUY YOUR PUPPY, to educate the potential buyer and to aid in knowing which questions to ask of the breeder before you purchase a puppy.Bichons can reach the age of 16 or 17 in relatively good health and a number of Bichons reach age 18.To see ten diseases listed may be alarming to the pet owner, especially one who has recently acquired a Bichon or anticipates acquiring one.The diseases listed as the top five continue to be in that order of frequency.The breed is recognized as being reasonably healthy. There are some breeds that have a high predisposition to specific fatal diseases. They do have a predisposition to allergies, as do many white breeds (and as do human blondes and redheads).Dental disease is another problem that we see rather often.

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At the core of Start Up Health is a powerful formula: Health Transformers (x) The Network Effect = The Reimagination of Health.

Now we have a second web site devoted exclusively to health ( which continues this work.

The BFCA site still exists and continues to offer general information and training guidance.

The remaining five conditions may have changed position in ranking but all remain relatively infrequent and some may be signs of temporary upsets rather than diseases.

We need to address the question of general health in Bichons.

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