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Quantum cryptography will be a key technology for addressing this.For a country notorious for its restrictive internet policies, China seems to be taking the lead on developing next-generation internet communications.The city of Jinan is set to become the hub of this quantum communications network that will boost Beijing-Shanghai internet when the project is launched by the end of August.It is set to become the world’s first “unhackable” internet communications network.Data encryption is now in the public’s mind as a way to protect their information.The need to encrypt data became even more relevant in 2014 after several media announced that quantum computers (powerful computers that use fundamental concepts of quantum mechanics) might be used by organizations such as the NSA to break our most sophisticated cyphers and get access to Americans’ information.“The mathematical difficulty of the current coding system was so high that it was not thought necessary to implement the new technology.” Recent security breeches and hacks, of course, reveal the error of this thinking.

Fundamentally, encryption transforms the message into nonsense gibberish, and the key holds the instructions to convert it back to normal.Even though superposition only works at the quantum scale —the scale of electrons or photons—to make it more clear, let’s pretend a coin is a quantum-mechanical object.If you haven’t looked at the coin yet, it will be in a superposition of both states, heads and tails, at the same time; if you observe it, the coin will choose to be in only one of the states, either heads or tails.As part of the fundamental laws of nature, quantum mechanics has the potential to protect information, if used correctly.Although the power of quantum computers is (in theory) potentially enough to break any classic method of encryption, quantum cryptography provides an alternate pathway that has proven to be effective and seems to be turning cost-permissive.

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