Updating sportrak pro

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Although this does give a firm connection, I much prefer Garmin's cable connections over Magellan's.

Map details include streets, lakes, rivers, coastlines, parks, hunting and fishing, railways and points of interest for the entire United States.

Save thousands of routes on your PC for recording your every journey.

Plotting your current position in relation to surrounding landmarks is fun and easy, and your GPS search function will find street addresses and points of interest, quickly and safely guiding you to those locations.

The sides of the Spor Trak Pro are rubberised and easy to grip, it has a backlit keypad, albeit smaller than the Meridian GPS and a backlit display which caters for large fonts.

Like many other handheld GPS receivers, the Spor Trak Pro can track up to 12 satellites at any one time out of the current constellation, and fully supports WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) in the US and EGNOS in Europe.

This allows you to upload and store these maps to the Meridian with greater map detail than provided in the base maps.The aditional 6mb gives you greater scope of using Map Send data downloaded to the Spor Trak Pro to enhance the detail of the onboard maps.You then have to match the cable up exactly, and turn the screw head about a dozen times before it fully locks into position.Like many other GPS Receivers, the Meridian also has compass support with Northfinder technology showing you which direction is north no matter where you stand on the earth, it also contains sun rise and sun set times and moon phase for any date/location in the world.The battery compartment is now accessed from the bottom of the receiver and has a twist screw loop which you can fix a hand strap to, and to access the battery compartment you need to make around 18 turns of this loop anticlockwise then pull and the battery compartment will come apart.

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