Updating vmware server deelishis dating 2016

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Will you be able to restore if something goes wrong with the upgrade process?Imagine that after you upgrade your v Center VM, you can’t connect back to v Center.You might even lose access to your backup server if it is tightened to v Center.Sure, you can probably connect to a single host, register the backup server VM there and launch a restore of the v Center VM, but make sure that this is a supported scenario from VMware standpoint! While this scenario might seem a bit fun to do in a lab, it won’t be fun within a production environment. TIP: Check the v Sphere 6.5 upgrade documentation, link Screenshot bellow shows the latest VMware v Center Server Appliance (VCSA 6.5) which now has a built-in VMware Upgrade Manager (VUM). The new filesystem supports 512e advanced format drives and is 4098 sector (4K) aligned.

I was thinking that there must be a better way and there is!

The version of MSI should be updated by upgrading to a new OS version or installing the patch from Microsoft KB 981669.

As written in Microsoft KB 981669 you should only apply the available hotfix if experiencing the problem described in the KB.

But the automatic way works only on VMFS 6 datastores and it is not immediate.

You’ll see the benefit after 12 hours as the automatic crawler runs every 12 hours only.

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