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Here's a list of ways Bourdain could romance a veggie girl away from the Garden of Vegan into the feral eat streets of parts unknown: She likes it raw and plant-based, you like it rotten and funky. Korean food offers plenty of options for vegetarians while keeping those meaty men happy.

Order up some seaweed soup, veggie bibimbap, vegan kimbab and tofu salad for the lady, then dig in to your bulgogi like the hungry beast that you are.

If you have chosen to be with a meat lover, accept his/her food preferences without being critical about them.

Don't try to force your viewpoint on your partner: You may have chosen to go the no-meat way, but that may not be the case for your significant other.

Slurp up that serpentine power and make her feel like a natural woman.

She'll watch you eat sisig if you watch her eat kale. If you are ordering a plate of raw pig brains to submerge into your fiery Sichuan broth, she may counter your cranial cravings by munching into crunchy lotus root and tong ho greens.(And despite Bourdain's smack talk about vegetarians, I kinda like him too.) That's why I think Tony should consider dating an adventurous sort of vegetarian.Besides, at the age of 60, he's a dashing catch for any type of lady with a taste for culinary adventures. (Kidding about Keef.) Dating vegetarian women may be more interesting than you think.If the couple is romantically interested in each other they have to find a way to ensure this does not tear them apart." Psychiatrist Dr Parul Tank, says, "You have to have certain boundaries in place at home that are mutually agreed on.This could include not cooking or eating non-vegetarian food at home, but you have to make allowances for your partner's preferences by not objecting if he/she decides to eat a non-veg meal outside.

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