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Prolonged use of these devices led to a permanent alteration of the pigment in their skin.

Instead of the usual dull green, their skin is pale blue in color.

File Size: ~1450MB Resolution: 720x400 Duration: 90 min Format: mkv Download Link(s): Isabella, duchessa dei diavoli.part1- 286.9 MB Isabella, duchessa dei diavoli.part2- 286.9 MB Isabella, duchessa dei diavoli.part3- 286.9 MB Isabella, duchessa dei diavoli.part4- 286.9 MB Isabella, duchessa dei diavoli.part5- 286.9 MB Requiem for a Vampire Alternative Titles: Virgins and the Vampires Caged Virgins The Crazed Vampire Sex Vampires Dungeon of Terror Crazed Virgins Caged Vampires Year: 1971 Country: France Genre: Horror Quality: DVDRip Language: French / English Subtitles: English Director: Jean Rollin Starring: Marie-Pierre Castel, Mireille Dargent, Philippe Gaste, Dominique, Louise Dhour, Michel Delesalle, Antoine Mosin, Agnes Petit, Olivier Francois, Dominique Toussaint, Agnes Jacquet, Anne-Rose Kurra, Paul Bisciglia Description: Two pubescent, pig-tailed, virgin schoolgirls, Michelle [Mirielle d'Argent] and Marie [Marie Pierre Castel], run away from their school and find themselves lost in a cemetery which leads to a chateau inhabited by vampires and naked women in chains.

The girls try to escape, but they are bitten by the vampires' aging Master.

The Master decides to initiate the girls in order to make them perpetrators of the vampire race (which is about to die out).

Eventually, of course, the girls will have to be deflowered because 'you cannot be both virgin and vampire'.

This little stunt lands her in court, but since she has no money to pay for the damages she is sentenced to... Inspired by classic erotic literature, Senta's writings predominantly feature her past sexual encounters - presented as flashbacks - up to the point which led her into court.

Bud Cort, in his debut performance, plays Massimo Monaldi, a student involved in political protests and juvenile delinquency.

Owning just a suitcase and the clothes on her back (a raincoat) she decides to hitch a ride.

To help achieve her goal she flashes her naked body to an unsuspecting driver, who crashes his car in disbelief.

The nightkin often use their equipped Stealth Boys to sneak-attack those who cross their path, remaining invisible until they come out and fight, sometimes even remaining invisible then.

However, prolonged use of Stealth Boys has damaged their sanity, with them becoming incredibly aggressive, paranoid, and in some cases severely delusional.

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