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Tyra, meanwhile, kept the very fact that she was expecting via surrogate a complete secret until York was born in January 2016, and the first pic she shared of him that Valentine's Day was taken from the side, so his full face wasn't visible.

Zoe Saldana went that route with her twins, regularly posting pics but at first only of their adorable little hands, the backs of their heads, etc.

"The next day, there ain't no paparazzi pictures, 'cause mama knew how to hide that camera. And so now his picture is out there and I didn't need it to be!

" "But you have a beautiful baby," offered Meyers, whose son Ashe makes frequent appearances on his own Instagram.

She has more recently ventured into side views, but has yet to go with a full-on, looking-into-the-camera pic.

Meanwhile, the Clooneys don't do social media and...well, they're the Clooneys.

Meanwhile, though we're not yet operating in a media landscape where to share or not to share is left up entirely to the discretion of the parents, there is no such thing as reasonable "public demand" for baby pictures taken by whatever means necessary. After years of regularly utilizing the supply provided by the ever-swarming shutterbugs, a few years back a number of outlets (including this one) stopped publishing photos taken of kids that aren't sanctioned by their parents, taken in a setting where professional photographers are known to be chronicling the happenings, like at a red carpet premiere or a sporting event, or posted on the parents' (or trusted friends' or family members') social media accounts.

Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry were among the famous parents who went to bat to help decrease the supply, calling for harsher repercussions for intrusive paparazzi in California after having too many photographers get in their kids' faces.

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Even Kate Middleton and Prince William have their critics who say they haven't made Prince George and Princess Charlotte as visible as the people of the U. Social media has helped celebrities manage the media coverage of their children, making it more difficult for paparazzi to be able to sell photos of their kids by basically handing out free pictures.

And in 2014 Kristen Bell and Dax Shepardput their foot down in what turned out to be a successful attempt at altering the demand."I'm telling you right now, we don't want our daughter's face anywhere ever until she decides, because I have the utmost respect for her," Bell explained to .

And while plenty of outlets disregarded Bell's wishes and continued to run paparazzi pics of her with her daughters, the actress has stuck to her own promise.

And this isn't to say that every paparazzi photo of a child that isn't posed (some are posed, you know) was taken maliciously or that every celebrity despises the paparazzi all the time—some celebs don't mind them so long as everyone behaves themselves.

But the famous do not owe their public (no matter how much fans might have shipped Mila and Ashton on Actors, artists, athletes, royals, etc.

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