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Tried turning off the shields but that did not help.

Finally I figured out that if you turn off the avast browser add-on's it fixes everything. Of course I know how to deal with this now but for the general non techie how would they ever figure it out.

Be careful how you use Avast, and don't depend on it. I thought IE because Chrome did not have same issues.

All HTTPs sites were rendered broken and I worked for a long time working this out as I did not try any of them before installing avast.

Its light on resources, free, pretty accurate and has, for example, coped with every USB malware my students could throw at me (not that they do it on purpose, just every 80 of the machines in this country are infested including the park in the computer study hall).

The add-ons have multiplied like wildfire as well, and no, I don't need a browser, or a firewall, just a file based protection. But my students need more, so even the extras don't bother me. for years I used to recommend it when asked without hesitation but recent developments are getting me to consider alternatives.

I find it to be very user friendly as well as price you can't beat for what it provides is peace of mind for any one that may use a computer weather you are an advanced user on a novice.

All you do is register it as a free user for a year and there you are :) You're ready to go.

You will also not accidentally turn the option on again if you turn it off.

Over the last several days, I noticed that when I click on a web site, it is taking painfully long to load. I do not recall this problem in earlier versions, but it has me considering another program.

After some searching, the Avast web shield came up as a problem for many folks. I can't recommend, without a warning about this issue.

While full featured, the EULA is too wide ranging (my opinion) in what it allows the software to do.

If you are ok with that, then the product is effective.

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