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How come your ex has to do all the travelling (ie how did you manage to get him to do that?!

) Thanks Hi Anon i moved away with my two kids after me and my ex separated. It helped me to leave that part of my life behind and make a fresh start.

I moved 200 miles, he didn't fight it but was very angry.

But he got over it eventually, he had to do the travelling as I left him the car (and the house) when we split! My ex has the car but to be fair I did not drive when he left (although I do now!

He said one night he no longer loved me and two weeks later he left.

Go for it, you only have one life, make the most of it and stand up to him Good luck Alison Thank you for your encouragement, it's really helpful when i'm about to face yet another tough part of the process (the separation and divorce is bad enough!What you need to do is to build a really good case for moving that you could use in court.Make sure it focuses on how the move would affect the children in a positive way including relationships with their relatives on your side, the help you would have from them with childcare and being raised in a family environment.My ex has said in the past that he would not agree to me moving away. His parents are very wealthy and pay all his legal fees and I fear would stop at nothing to fight me whereas although I am a medical professional I only work part time due to childcare and do not have the cash for fights. My ex stopped me by having a court order out meaning I could not move at all, I ended up going back to court as an appeal and I won the appeal, I moved 4 hours away asap and my ex has to travel up to the midlands from devon every other weekend to see them.It was harder as I had no money as not being married, got zero from him.

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