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The predators’ identities were ultimately uncovered, the information was shared with the proper law enforcement authorities, and Terre des Hommes released a video chronicling the effort so that everyone from government officials to members of the public could get a sense of the scope of the problem and see what can be done to end the abuse.“I strongly believe that this campaign has made predators aware that they are taking a grave risk when they go online and abuse kids.

They now understand that people with resources and dedication are working to stop them,” says Mark Woerde, co-founder and strategy director of Lemz.

According to research at the University of Washington, with delicious irony we might also instinctively expect our machine partners to be loyal, and even moral. And conversation far more complex than commands, barks, wags, and whines (unless, you know, that’s what you’re into) will foster genuine human attachement. Well, first of all, it’s interdiciplinarily goddamn fascinating all the time – I’ll get into that. I’m probably going to need a new recurring feature…. Sadly, Humpy Humpy Sex Bot probably isn’t going to make the cut. So, I’m going to take the dive and start addressing these things – if any of my 6 regular readers has any particular area of interest, please comment or contact – let me know. I’m not really talking about that, I’m talking anatomically correct, partial or full-body surrogate sex partners. In the long history of sexual desire for ideal-yet-not-real sex partners, toys, and apparatus, and even in these modern times (in the Western world), there aren’t yet a lot of man-shaped proto-sexbots out there, and that means something’s up. What if both the physicality and the AI is really, really good?

But specifically, the four articles linked above (repeated below), all independently published within the past week or so, got me thinking about conceptual convergence and the demarginalization of getting it on with non-living devices – including near-future intimate encounters with non-human-but-human-shaped machines. In all mostly seriousness, while human sexual relations with non-living things is nothing new, the field is now very, very rapidly advancing, and we should talk about it a lot. Granted, there are some (NSFW), but they aren’t really marketed at women, ya dig? And honestly, once it comes to the deed, for the AI, how good does it really have to be?

Create through the creation and execution of this ambitious and groundbreaking project.

So, I’m going to keep it as short, sweet, and casual as possible. Among many others, Rodney Brooks believes the robotics industry, along with that of artificial/non-biological intelligence, is on the cusp of going bananas. And, as reported and kinda supported by Wired, I’m not alone in projecting that, as these fields and android science in general rapidly advance, the sex industry will further incorporate robotics and AI/NBI improvements, and also catalyze further development.Of course, studies I’m too lazy to cite right now indicate that women also objectify men, just not so much on the physical. Then there’s the question of whether or not a perfect partner is even desirable, and so on, and on, and on…Okay, for now it’s easy to laugh at (and be creeped out by) devices such as the Real Dolls (NSFW), but that company and others like it could seriously end up as pioneering forces in the march toward creating convincingly realistic robotic lovers – and then the creepy & funny becomes the .Building AI teaches us a lot about human cognition, and it stands to reason that if we pay close attention to the issues surrounding sex with robots, we’ll learn a great deal about human-on-human sexuality as well. If you’re really interested in this stuff, you need to read it, son!I read it in a maternity ward in 2008 when my best friend’s wife was squeezing out a real human – because that’s how I roll.

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