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Companies will be able to send response notifications to users who have already initiated Business Chats with them, but the customer will have the power to ignore notifications (and still receive messages), or alternatively delete their conversation entirely and block the company from messaging them at all.

Unlike automated AI support chat systems that only last summer were predicted to wipe out apps (and Apple along with it), Apple's approach to customer service with Business Chat focuses on personal, customized interaction with a real person.

Additionally, Android lacks Apple's widespread enterprise support, in large part due to its poor record in security and reliability.

Apple's Business Chat isn't just a theoretical solution to a problem.

Businesses can already apply to join the program, although the system remains closed to public interaction until all issues are worked out during the developer beta period.

Apple provides a web-based sandbox for testing interactions with Business Chat clients, allowing corporate developers and CSPs to test their interactions and custom i Message App extensions.

Google's Android is closest to Apple as a platform vendor, but its larger base of users represent a far less desirable demographic to most companies.

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Apple also provides customer support across a network of its global retail stores, giving it special insight into the needs of other retailers and businesses who want to streamline and enhance their own ability to provide efficient support for users without spending money on insecure phone calls where information has to be repeated and there's no easy way to communicate choice, selection and other customer information.

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