Westpac consolidating loans

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You have to select the type of loan and your repayment frequency, plus enter your loan amount and loan term.

The interest rate field auto-populates using the bank’s existing rates.

Can you afford to make repayments on a loan from the Big Four?

You can find out by using one of their personal loan calculators.

The Big Four Banks continue to attract more and more customers through their household names and established reputations.

If you’ve been thinking about approaching one for a personal loan, it makes sense to use the calculators they offer to see exactly how much one of their loans will cost you.

WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Break costs are payable on early payout or partial payment (in excess of the limit set out in the loan terms and conditions) of a fixed rate loan. This offer is only available for the Unsecured Personal Loan product and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Approval may take longer if application is referred for further review. The comparison rate is based on an unsecured personal loan of ,000 for a term of 5 years. George Unsecured Personal Loan via the ‘Get started’ or ‘Apply now’ button on this webpage, by phone or visiting a branch before January 18th 2018. All other fees outlined on the product page and in the product disclosure statement apply.

Westpac’s personal loans can be used for refinancing or consolidating debts, or for covering major expenses such as travel, holidays or renovations.Start by entering the common loan amount and loan term, and follow this by entering details like the upfront fees, ongoing fees, and interest rates separately.ANZ also offers its customers different calculators to guide them through the loan selection process. This calculator requires you to part with details like number of dependents, your annual income, and your monthly expenditure. This ANZ loan calculator requires you to choose a loan type and repayment frequency.By adjusting the length of your loan term, and the frequency of your repayments, you can prepare a Westpac personal loan that’s both affordable and suitable for your finances.Westpac’s personal loan has a number of flexible options to suit borrowers in different financial situations.

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