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A classic formula known as Xiao Yao Wan ("Free and Easy Wanderer Pills") is also very effective in rectifying this liver syndrome.Liver Fire Uprising: This excess heat pattern mainly affects the upper body, since heat rises naturally.Typically, disorders of the menstrual cycle or stress-related ailments indicate a problem with the liver.

This excess condition can also arise in a person who has experienced long-term depression or frustrations, creating a vicious cycle of cause and effect.

If the problem is caused by depletion, the underlying deficiency must be tonified.

For example, if wind is due to deficient liver yin, treatment must both tonify the liver yin and subdue the wind.

Some corresponding Western diagnoses are hypertension, alcoholism, hyperthyroidism, acute hepatitis, gallbladder infection, ear infection, and conjunctivitis.

Treatment involves clearing heat and regulating the liver with acupuncture and herbal formulas such as Long Dan Xie Gan Wan.

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