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“But as I worked on the script, during the process of collaborating with Abi Morgan and researching Dickens at the same time, I just felt the pull to want to play him. REVIEW: Tim Robey on The Invisible Woman “I’m glad I came to Dickens this late because it’s been a discovery and I embraced it and had all the energy you have when you come across a new discovery in your later years.” Nelly was 18 years old and performing with her mother in a Dickens-adapted play when she met the author, who was then at the height of his fame and who was instantly drawn to the beautiful and self-possessed young woman.Their secret affair was conducted among the whispers of Victorian society and the fears of those close to them, including Dickens’ wife Catherine who had given birth to his 10 children.Typically, he sees no need to explain or excuse his choices, although he allows that he feels more at home on stage or in smaller, independent films than he does in the Hollywood extravaganzas such as Clash of the Titans which he occasionally lends his talents to.“I’m open to offers from Hollywood studios and some of my experiences have been fun but not ultimately as fulfilling as other films I’ve made that are not Hollywood,” he says.

He attended Chelsea College of Art And Design, where he studied painting but then set his sights on acting and began his career with the Open Air Theatre.When he is not performing he is not the most outgoing or communicative of men and even his sister Martha once said of him, in something of an understatement: “I don’t think he’s a happy-go-lucky, cheery, cheeky chappie.” Yet he enjoys a free-spirited and unpredictable career that sees him frolicking light-heartedly on screen with Jennifer Lopez in a frothy romantic comedy one minute and then delivering an acclaimed performance on stage as Mark Antony in Julius Caesar the next.Throw into the mix a pivotal role in the Harry Potter films as the hated Lord Voldemort, a Brian Friel play in Dublin followed by a Broadway run, some serious dramatic roles in worthy, award-winning films, two Oscar nominations, a Hamlet in London and on Broadway, and Ralph Fiennes has one of the most diverse and interesting careers of any actor working today.“I think some great films have come out of the studio systems but a lot of the stuff is quite generic …they need to sell their film to as many people as possible.” Born in Suffolk, Ralph Fiennes grew up with four brother and two sisters.

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