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New cast members include a new addition to the Mc Queen family played by Amy Walsh sister of Girls aloud star Kimberly Walsh and a new unnamed hunk to be played by ex-eastenders actor Chris Coghill. For the episode, special sequences were filmed between old clips of the show.

By early June scenes had begun filming in Ibiza with Mercedes Mc Queen, Myra Mc Queen, Michaela Mc Queen, Theresa Mc Queen, Will Savage, Rae Wilson and Mitzeee Minniver. They parodied such films as Stanley Kubrick's The Shining and Randal Kleiser's Grease. First shown on 23 December 2011, Will Best looks back at some of the biggest and best moments from Hollyoaks 2011.

Andy escapes, and Mel chases after him and he runs into a metal spike and he starts to bleed from his mouth, he starts to talk but Mel can't understand what he said, maybe it was sorry! The show began broadcasting on 17 October 2009, following a pilot episode in 2008, and features various recording artists performing and participating in the show.After their plan is discovered, Danny tells Jacqui she must sleep with him to save Rhys and wipe the debt they owe him. Tony Hutchinson and Rory Finnigan open their new business venture. In 2009 the first series aired, retitled The Hollyoaks Music Show.The episode was originally due to air on 16 December 2010. Meanwhile, after beating Ruth Osborne up, Lewis, racked by guilt, commits suicide. Music composed and performed by Steve Wright 2005 series following Ben Davies and Lisa Hunter as they depart Hollyoaks for a new life. When the new series was broadcast, it was shown as part of T4 weekly on Channel 4, again presented by Rick Edwards.The late night special broadcast in 2005 sees Andy Holt spike Dannii Carbone's drink with GHB before raping her.Andy then reveals his activities to his friend, Sam Owen, who agrees to join Andy to drug and rape girls.

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