Who is alejandro fernandez dating

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Also Camila along with her band members released debut extended play on 22nd October 2013 which was titled ‘Better Together’ with the single ‘Miss Movin’ On’ added to her expanding glory.In 2015, the band of girls also recorded the song ‘I Am In Love With A Moster’ for the animated movie ‘Hotel Transylvania’, jointly produced by ‘Columbia Pictures’ and ‘Sony Pictures’.From then on the meteoric success of Camila has been utterly timeless and within no time, she has been making enormous news, braking records and firing the stages with her breathtaking performances.

She couldn’t move up the pedestal in the competition as a solo singer.She says ‘Before the X Factor, I didn't really sing in front of people.I was like trapped in my room like a little hermit crab.’ Now that’s being brutally honest.The rumble caused some concertgoers to head for the exits as the speakers high above began to sway.But Fernández was unfazed — in fact, he added his own vibrations by belting out some powerful vocals!

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