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“I think in Alex’s case he was very good at telling people he was doing okay so he was difficult to assess.“We needed to see him face to face and then we could have acted more robustly.Then that will determine where we’re headed.” We need, he thinks, better myths.He quotes Karen Armstrong who calls a myth “a guide to behaviour”. Actually of course there are sceptics and deniers who believe that the case for anthropogenic climate change is itself a myth that has been very effectively promoted; so much so that it is the dominant myth of our time.

At the time it felt like a reasonable system which didn’t change until Alex’s death and we now have a new system.” Mr Bricknell said that Mr Evans had received the same letter on three separate occasions requesting him to contact the GP when picking up his prescription.

More to the point is the author’s question: “What happens when evidence and arguments aren’t enough? The EU referendum and the American Presidential election offer examples of the triumph of feeling over reasoning.

Alex Evans is a Senior Fellow at New York University’s Center on International Cooperation “with nearly 20 years’ experience in climate and development policy.” So you know where he is coming from and where he stands.

“He might have been helped if contact had been more robust baring in mind his history.” The inquest heard that Mr Evans had had a long history of depression and was medicated from his teenage years onwards.

Dr Mark Waters, of Cantilupe Surgery in Hereford, said that in 2013 Mr Evans was admitted to hospital and seen by the community mental health team but he had disengaged by June 2013.

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