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It practically makes me dribble just thinking about it.

The mozzarella alone is the stuff of many a daydream. If it's a hotel then I'll tip the bell-boy and the concierge, swiftly followed by changing the room.

I spent three weeks driving around the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico a couple of years ago, with my girlfriend and son. There may be some truth in that because I spend so much of my down time reading scripts that I need something even more mindless to get over it. Signs of Collusion (1-24): twitter.com/Seth Abramson/s… Signs of Collusion (25-47): twitter.com/Seth Abramson/s… It's all there—BLACK AND WHITE—and it's just 10% of what Mueller has. Republicans are celebrating: ✔︎ Giving billions in tax cuts to the rich ✔︎ Taking health care from 13 million people ✔︎ Opening an Alaskan wildlife refuge to drilling ✔︎ Raising taxes on 100 million households pic.twitter.com/12Sjhy R7TG Puerto Rico, Day 90: —Millions of people still w/o power —Hundreds of thousands still w/o clean water —Still a humanitarian emergency The Puerto Rico blackout is now more than double the size of the previous largest blackout in U. Loved @JHolloway Plays adaptation of #The Scarlet Pimpernel with @James Purefoy - a fresh retelling, both comical and profound, that touches on some very contemporary themes. If you have even ONE follower who says there was no Trump-Russia collusion, please share this with them.How can you face looking at yourself in the mirror, Sir Terry? When it went uphill, passengers would jump off at the front and get on again at the back to stretch their legs, it was that slow. We stayed in a truly dreadful hotel in Sardinia that was clearly not for us. It's an oasis of bohemian cool in the middle of a crazy city.The toilets overflowed down the corridor, so people were reduced to doing their number twos out of the window. Taking a girlfriend to a Greek island when any idiot (except this one) could have seen that the relationship was on its last legs. "O Sole Mio" sung, or rather squawked, by the inept house band below our balcony was vaguely charming the first night, but like something from the Seventh Circle of Hell by the 10th. You hardly ever see another guest or staff member, but find that breakfast has magically appeared outside your bedroom door, or tea and cakes have been left for you in one of the internal courtyards.

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