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T “These criminal organizations view these individuals as mere commodities without regard for their safety,” Laredo Sector Assistant Chief Patrol Agent Gabriel Acosta said in a statement last week.“The blatant disregard for human life will not be tolerated.He faces up to life in prison or the death penalty of convicted of the human smuggling charge.

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Two additional victims later died at a local hospital, bringing the death toll to 10.Police searched Sunday for anyone who might have fled from the truck and was in need of help in the surrounding area, but it does not appear that anyone was found.Fire Chief Charles Hood said at a press conference Sunday morning that the victims inside the truck likely would not have survived much longer.“These people were in that trailer without any signs of any type of water, so you are looking at a lot of heat stroke, lot of dehydration. I personally worked on a tragic tractor-trailer case in Victoria, Texas, in 2003 in which 19 people were killed as a result of the smugglers’ total indifference to the safety of those smuggled and to the law.As Chief Mc Manus mentioned, we do have at least two school-aged children.” San Antonio Police Chief William Mc Manus said at a press conference that this incident is part of an ongoing fight against human trafficking near the U. According to the San Antonio Express-News, Border Patrol agents in the border city of Laredo, about 2 and a half hours away from San Antonio, have seen an increase in the use of tractor-trailers in smuggling operations recently.

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