Windows media player 11 album art not updating

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This folder is set to the default save location in my Windows 7 machine's music library.I know with older versions of media player you could force a refresh of the library but i can't seem to find it in 12.I am having an issue getting media player 12 to update my library of music.I have a Windows Home Server with all of my music in the music share folder.Any help would be great Thanks You should be able to manage your folders under the "organize" tab and make sure your Media Player is set to auto-refresh.For more information about he Media Player set-up go here: Yes you can delete the folder where your library is stored, let your media player library empty, then add the folder back which will then re-load the library with the new files.

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It eventually will but I can find no rhyme or reason as to when it will do it.add these commands in to a batch -- it will kill your library db's and when it opens media player, it will rebuild them all.I had the same problem where adding media into the directorys was not refreshing -- and removing and readding the directory did not help: In windows 8 if you click on the library it will open with the music app.That's the great thing about Windows is the choices we can make.-I have WMP Version 12.0.7601.17514 which was shipped with Windows 7.To include/update recently added music files, i.e., those which populated the library on first use of WMP, and was unsuccessful.

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