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One item I’d absolutely recommend investing in, is some sort of shawl or scarf.

Whilst you are not required to cover your hair, this one item can prove itself invaluable in times of need.

If you’re swimming at private beaches that belong to specific hotels, you’ll be fine to wear whatever you want.

The same can be said for beaches outside of the city, because odds are there won’t be anyone else there.

You’re also free to wear whatever you want to the clubs on hotel property. It was hard to meet people at first (the more people you meet, the easier it becomes), so I turned to Tinder.

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If you’ve been with this blog from the very beginning (all three of you! They’re two very different places, that’s for sure. (That’s the long, billowy black garment that women in places like Qatar and the UAE wear). There are certain rules and regulations that all citizens – whether they be men or women – are expected to observe and respect. As a rule of thumb, so long as your shoulders aren’t naked and knees out of sight, you’d probably be right to step outside. Keep in mind that Qatar is an Islamic country, where Sharia Law is recognised. As the temperature can get up to the late forties Celsius in the summer months, this is certainly something to be thankful for. Many are the same as anywhere else in the world, but there are some factors that deserve consideration. You don’t have to wear the abaya, or even cover up to the extent that you may imagine.These close during Ramadan, so that the lines the week before are of epic proportions.If you don’t have a card, you can buy drinks at the many hotel bars (I also recommend befriending someone who has a card, as they’ll be a super handy contact to have). I was beyond ready to meet boys who weren’t Australian.

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