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There are many ways males can get this "sperm insurance" - plugs, scrub brush penis, and the ever popular never-leaving-the-female-alone.As I have shared on this blog before, some of my work includes home staging projects. One of the main rooms I focus on for my staging projects is the master bedroom- the person buying the home is usually the person (or persons) who will be sleeping in the master bedroom so that is a big impression room.Here are a few more of my favorite beds on Pinterest: As for pillow arrangements, there are a wide variety of options.I love to mix up what I use depending on the style of the room, colors and patterns. Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Linen Chest who had the wonderful idea of a post on bedding.In this group, we have such spiders as the garden spider, which is very colorful and whose web has a zig-zag running through the middle. We're going to talk about the much less cool species of orb-weaver.The ugly, brown, and hairy one whose webs can span entire roads.I like to get a lightweight blanket like the one below and nestle it in between my two flat sheets. When dressing a bed for staging, I like to invest in both a comforter set and a coverlet set.I lay the coverlet over the bed and tuck it in all around the bed with the sheets and blanket so your mattress is wrapped all snug.

Whenever I've run into one, or even come close to running into one, the spider - which hangs out in the middle - will run for cover. The spiders seem to be running amok this year (or spinning amok, rather), and I can only assume that's because of the wet summer we Oklahomans have had.When they walk into the master bedroom I want them to say "wow!" and one of the most effective ways to get that reaction is by enticing them with the bed. As with good fashion and good interior design, the secret to a swoon-worthy bed is in the layers.I did find this nifty guide to pillow arrangements on Pinterest from Marissa Waddell Interiors and thought is would be great to share! Anyone know how to do those nifty hospital corners? The ideas, thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. Unsure about a colour or want to know how something fits? Salutation to the cheap karen millen[/url] for cheapkarenmillendresses.licensed store.

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