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Consider:*Darling Harbour redevelopment – new convention centre, demolition of entertainment centre*Barangaroo*Pedestrianisation of George St and the return of trams to city streets*Green Square, Wolli Creek, Rhodes, Olympic Park, Bondi all being transformed Besides this, the mere act of looking out over the harbour every day is extremely relaxing and reminds you how lucky you are to live in such a clean, stunning environment What do you mean stigmas, you can't compare castle hill to Bankstown or Ashfield to Chatswood? Exactly and the one being built at Woolli Creek is the most pathetic of the lot.

Prices in Merrylands will never be equal those in Vaucluse. They have builtso many apartments in such a small area and there is only two roads leading out of there.

People have their nose so high that birds are starting to mistake it for branches.

What richness we once had in character is now being replaced by hard commercial shops and office buildings. I've only been there once, it seemed really cramped and small. It felt like a piece of Sydney (not an interesting piece) was just ripped out and put in a place and called Melbourne.

If you have a spare 500K Euros, some EU countries (Spain, Portugal) will give you the resident visa, by simply buying home in those countries. everything is commercialized, old and we're too far from the gold coast and nothing is original. Sydney is great to visit but reminds me a bit of Brisbane on steroids and a bunch of meth with the addition of a cool harbour rather than a brown river.

Greece will even give you their residence visa for as little as 250K Euros in property investment. I suggest maybe taking up a new hobby or joining a new group of some sort? Melbourne is dirty, quirky, gothic and bohemian in the inner city, my preference of them all.

Sometimes you just need to weigh them up and decide where is best for your happiness and enjoyment at that stage of your life. and if you wanna spend a lot on the best steak, Prime in martin place. I've been feeling this way lately, too, but wasn't really able to put it into words. Went to Buenos Aires, which everyone told me I would love, but just found the 'trendy' areas to be a carbon-copy of Surry Hills back home.

I think moving to Melbourne is the answer and before you do. For the most part, I don't think it's that Sydney has changed, but more that I've just outgrown it somewhat. I think I'm over this particular Sydney-way of living, and probably DO just need to move overseas for a bit.

Sadly my only gripe with sydney is the ever worsening class conflict. While Sydney people have always been up themselves, Sydney is in a period of huge change at the moment which offers residents new areas of interest.Just look at it in the morning peak, traffic jams in back streets, great planning by corruptmoney hungry pathetic councils.I've been in Sydney since 1999, so I'm not taking pot shots at you for the sake of it.Visit Bar Italia leichardt for the coffee and gelato, they just got a new coffee machine and coffee is even better there now. I've lived here my whole life and loved it, but just in the last year or so I've been wanting something... I love Sydney, but I think I'm just finding it harder to have that sense of adventure & discovery that I did before, and it's time to move on to different pastures.It's never wise to make assumptions like this, as you might find that people who hold negative views about cities such as Sydney have indeed been elsewhere. Yeah basically OP the problem is you don't display any appreciation for Asian culture, can't even spell yamcha right.

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    They all still see each other, after a couple of weeks' break, and Will goes round to Anna's house for dinner every now and then.

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