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The Department made a decision that would have grave consequences for little Mary Ellen; it placed her illegally, without proper documentation of the relationship, and with inadequate oversight in the home of Mary and Thomas Mc Cormack, who claimed to be the child’s biological father.

In an eerie repetition of events, Thomas died shortly thereafter.

By all accounts, her life with the Spencer family was stable and nurturing.

At the age of 24, Mary Ellen married a widower and had two daughters—Etta, named after Etta Wheeler, and Florence.

His widow married Francis Connolly, and the new family moved to a tenement on West 41st Street.

Mary Mc Cormack Connolly badly mistreated Mary Ellen, and neighbors in the apartment building were aware of the child’s plight.

The newspapers also provided extensive coverage of the caregiver Mary Connolly’s trial, raising public awareness and helping to inspire various agencies and organizations to advocate for the enforcement of laws that would rescue and protect abused children (Watkins, 1990).

On April 21, 1874, Mary Connolly was found guilty of felonious assault and was sentenced to one year of hard labor in the penitentiary (Watkins, 1990).

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Mary Ellen Wilson was born in 1864 to Francis and Thomas Wilson of New York City.The Connolly's soon moved to another tenement, but in 1874, one of their original neighbors asked Etta Angell Wheeler, a caring Methodist mission worker who visited the impoverished residents of the tenements regularly, to check on the child. Bergh stated that his action was “that of a human citizen,” clarifying that he was not acting in his official capacity as president of the NYSPCA.At the new address, Etta encountered a chronically ill and homebound tenant, Mary Smitt, who confirmed that she often heard the cries of a child across the hall. Smitt, Etta Wheeler introduced herself to Mary Connolly. The 10-year-old appeared dirty and thin, was dressed in threadbare clothing, and had bruises and scars along her bare arms and legs. Wheeler began to explore how to seek legal redress and protection for Mary Ellen. Wheeler located several neighbors who were willing to testify to the mistreatment of the child and brought written documentation to Mr. He emphasized that he was “determined within the framework of the law to prevent the frequent cruelties practiced on children” (Mary Ellen, April 10, 1976, p. After reviewing the documentation collected by Etta Wheeler, Mr.Family correspondence and other accounts reveal that the court placed Mary Ellen in an institutional shelter for adolescent girls.Believing this to be an inappropriate setting for the 10-year-old, Ms. Judge Lawrence gave her permission to place the child with her own mother, Sally Angell, in northern New York. Angell died, Etta Wheeler’s youngest sister, Elizabeth, and her husband Darius Spencer, raised Mary Ellen.

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